Work in South Korea

Jobs in South Korea

ALL eligible (including Bangladesh and Pakistan)

We require passport copy (first two pages and last two pages) and passport-size photo in white background with advance of USD300.
These documents will be sent to Immigration of Korea along with some documents for notary. USD300 is used for this process. This process takes about 20-30 days provided we hand over 30 files at a time.

An official notary and documents will be couriered to the Home Country of the candidate. With these, the candidates will go to the nearest Korean Embassy to apply for the visa. In most countries this process takes 5 days. Candidates then book the flight ticket and fly to Korea. (Air ticket to be borne by candidate)

3000 Vacancies Available (Age 18-45)

Factories –
Electronics, Consumer goods, Auto mobile, Shipyard
Monthly Salary USD1800 Min for 8 hours. Plenty of overtime.
With OT, estimated salary USD2500 – USD2800 per month
Food/accommodation and basic toiletries provided

Green houses – Farming
Monthly Salary USD1500
Food/accommodation and basic toiletries provided

Nurses –
Female only (care givers to work in homes or old folks home)
Monthly Salary USD2300
Food/accommodation and basic toiletries provided

Hospitality – Front Office or Waiter
Monthly Salary USD1500
Food/accommodation and basic toiletries provided
Korean language is required. Please note for those in this category but do not speak Korean language will be placed in a factory first for 3 months until they master the language and then transferred to hotels

**Note that the notary will show that candidates are approved for farming in Korea

Placement is arranged by a Korean Agency. Candidates will be issued an E9 visa.
The candidate is required to hand over the passport to employer after arriving in Korea and the passport will be handed over to Korean Immigration for the issuance of visa that takes 40 days. In the meantime, the candidates are allowed to work during this period.

The candidate will be also issued a guarantee for placement in the field of their choice. The permit will be issued for a period of 4 years and renewable upto max of 10years. Candidates are advised to set aside USD few hundred for accommodation before they are transferred to hostels.

Please be advised that the salary quoted above is the minimum wages. However from past experience candidates with good qualification and experience are offered good positions and are given good salaries to some even above US$6,000 a month. Its good if the candidate can carry his qualification in the form of soft copy for those seeking upper management and middle management position.

Agents/candidates unwilling to pay initial processing fees of USD300, need not contact us.


Call Ankur @ +91 98141 19001 for more info..

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  1. Hello i m karan from Amritsar.i want to go abroad for work snd what doc req for south korea

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