Negative student visa profiles for Australia

Negative Student Profiles for Australia Student Visa, Please don’t lodge your applications if you are any of the below, it is likely that your application will be declined.

Please find below factors identified which are considered to be negative by the Australian High Commission for student visa applications from India and are of high risks.

These factors include:

1.) Applications of students above 26 years of age
2.) Application of recently married students
3.) Applications from students who have large unexplained gaps in employment or study
4.) Applications from students who have low IELTS
5.) Applications of students having low academics i.e: less than 60%
6.) Applications of students studied soft school subjects such as arts and humanities
7.) Applications of students meeting undergraduate entry but seeking a package through a Cert II / III / IV and diploma
8.) Applications of students who have excessively long packages leading to Universities
9.) Applications of students from Punjab & Haryana
If you have sent us applications of students that meets a multiple number of the above criteria then they would be considered a high risk applicant by the Australian High Commission and are more likely to have their application declined and visa rejected. Hence, kindly inform us of any such cases and we shall proceed to withdraw the same.

Requesting you to avoid the factors mentioned above while assessing a prospective student for SVP risk.

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