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Canada migration is now easier and quicker with Express Entry Programme being launched.

1. Enjoy all the benefits equal to a citizen.
2. Work anywhere and in any sector interested.
3. Free Medicals Etc.
4.Access to US after you become a Canadian citizen.
5.Canadian citizenship is a passport to visit any place in the world.

• No occupation list. Everyone can apply as long as they meet the pass points
• Applications will be in a pool for 12 months and highest scoring applicants will selected from that pool.
• Every 2 weeks CIC will select applicants from pool based on points.
• Couple will get more points due to spouse ability.
• Those selected will be invited to apply for Immigration and their case will be processed in 6 months
• Allocation for Federal Skilled Workers for fiscal year 2015-16 is expected to be 51000.

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