How to view your visa details and conditions online

As a visa holder you can view your visa details and conditions online at any time. The instructions below will help you to understand how to view your visa status and entitlements.

Visit the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) homepage.
Click on the ‘Check your own visa details with VEVO’ button. The visa holder enquiry screen will be displayed.

Figure 1 – Step 2: Visa holder enquiry screen.

Enter your ‘Transaction Reference Number (TRN)’, ‘Visa Grant Number’, ‘Visa Evidence Number’ or ‘password’ into the ‘Reference type’ field.
TRN – is provided to you if you apply for your visa online. If you lodged your application through ImmiAccount, you can also find your TRN there.
Note: All visa holders included in the online visa application can use the TRN and see the full details of the individual visa holder.
Visa Evidence Number – is recorded on your visa label, if you have obtained one. Australia offers electronic visas, meaning a label is not necessary

Figure 2 – Step 3: Visa label.
Visa Grant Number – is provided to you on the notification you receive advising you are successful in your visa application.

Figure 3 – Step 3: Visa Grant Number.
Password – is obtained from us. A password can only be obtained once you are in Australia by contacting our General Enquiries Line.
Enter your ‘date of birth’, ‘passport or ImmiCard number’ and ‘country of passport or ImmiCard’ into the required fields.
Read the terms and conditions and if you agree to them, click in the ‘tick box’ to accept them.
If you have entered incorrect details, click ‘Clear’ to start again.
If your details are correct, click ‘Submit’.
visa details and conditions
You can then choose to print, save or email a copy of your VEVO return.



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