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Higher education in Mauritius includes colleges, universities and other technical institutions. The sector is managed by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) which has, inter alia, the responsibility for allocating public funds, and fostering, planning and coordinating the development of post-secondary education and training.

Private Institutions/Distance Education

A number of private institutions and organisations have entered the tertiary education market in the past few years. These institutions, which amount to more than 35, are offering mostly “niche” Programmes in such disciplines as Management, Accountancy and Information Technology. Most of these private institutions are local counterparts of overseas institutions and are offering programmes ranging from sub-degree to postgraduate ones through a mixed-mode system, encompassing both distance learning and face-to face tutorials. A majority of the examinations are conducted by the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate (MES) and a few are organised and invigilated by the overseas institutions themselves in collaboration with the local partner. Key players include the Charles Telfair Institute, MALEM, the Mauritius Employers Federation and the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Students from India can easily mix up with people of Mauritius as they are well- versed in the languages like English, French, Creole Hindi and Urdu. Not only this, their friendly approach and cordial behavior make difficult situation pretty easier, providing great comfort to the students and visitors. Apart from just being a popular touring destination, Mauritius is known for its internationally recognized universities. For about 35 institutes are here that offer career shaping curriculum at feasible fee structure.

Students can do Diploma, Advanced Diploma, BA ( Hons ) and Masters in various streams. As per the area of interest, one can opt any of the courses like Business Studies, Hospitality Management, Business and Finance, Business and Marketing, Global Business Management, Accounting and Finance, Hospitality and Tourism management, Engineering Management, IT Management, MBA in Finance and M.Sc in Hospitality & Tourism Management. Due to higher practicality, these courses have received awards from Coventry University, UK and Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), UK, which are also university partners of IBS. Intake of IBS study programs gets started in the month of January. So, without delaying get admission and have a great future.




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