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In an ever changing, fast-paced world, success is determined by good choices for lasting effects. So we have decided to extend our services to the students in acquiring a valid student visa

Other visa includes the following types of visas:

- Spouse visa
- Visa for Medical Treatment
- Sports visas
- Transit Visa

As indicated by the names of the visas these visas are issued for particular reasons. We need to have proper documentation for all the above mentioned visas.

Spouse Visa

This visa is issued to the wife/husband or common law partner of the visa holder. This visa is allowed in some countries. Visa holder can take their spouse along.

Medical Treatment

This visa needs approvals from ministry of the subsequent countries. this type of visa is issued when someone goes abroad for medical treatments.

Sports Visa

This type of visa is for sports person who goes abroad to play games.

Transit Visa

Short-term (usually 24 hours) visa that allows a passenger to travel across or through the issuing country on way to another country. Commonly, it allows the in-transit passenger to go out of an airport or port for an overnight stay.



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