Ranked as the Number one Country

Canada Study Visa Consultants : For the past 9 consecutive years, a United Nations survey has found Canada to be the best place in the world to live. The survey conducted every year, evaluates quality of life in 174 countries, using over 200 performance indicators. Canada earns particularly high marks for its access to education, high life expectancy and low crime rates.

Where to study in Canada is a great question, which is why Canadians place great importance on learning and Canadians have developed one of the world’s finest education system. Canada has traditionally been a country of immigrants and has a policy of encouraging multicultural diversity. It is known to be a peaceful and safe country. Universities in Canada offer world class education. 8 Canadian universities are ranked in top 200 of the Times Higher Education Supplement Rankings 2012-13.

Quality of Life

Canada is currently ranked 4th on the United Nations Human Development Index, an annual survey that uses a number of factors (life expectancy, literacy, education, standard of living, and GDP per capita) to determine quality of life. It also includes abundance of fresh water, comfortable population density, low incidence of violent crime and a health care system that is a model for the world.

Canada also has the highest ranking cities in North America for living according to the Mercer Human Resource Consulting Worldwide Quality of Living Survey 2007. This ranking is based on two important criteria of safety and stability. Five Canadian cities ranked within the Top 25 cities in North America include Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Calgary.

Internationally recognized degrees

All public and private recognized and authorized post-secondary institutions in Canada have been given the authority to grant academic credentials by their provincial or territorial governments, through charters or legislation that ensures or enables mechanisms for institutional and program quality. At the provincial and national levels, Canadian professional-regulatory bodies (for example, in the fields of nursing, architecture, and engineering) participate in the establishment and review of post secondary curriculum standards. Accreditation reviews are conducted through analysis of reports and on-site visits.

There are a number of organizations in Canada that promote quality and the use of high academic standards in post-secondary programs such as the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) and the Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada (AAAC). Higher education degrees from Canada are accepted and respected worldwide.

Competitive tuition fees

By studying in Canada, you can receive a high quality education in a friendly and welcoming environment for a reasonable cost.

Process of Canada Student Visa

We at Indoz overseas are the team of best Canada Visa consultants in Chandigarh provide you a few steps of process of getting a Student Visa for Canada:

Step 1: Apply for Admission in College/University

You must first obtain a letter of acceptance (offer letter) from a recognized education provider. You must acquire this before you apply for a study visa. You will find around 42 SPP colleges/universities in Canada offering a wide range of courses and great facilities. The best way to find a right education provider is to conduct research on the best colleges/universities in Canada offering relevant courses and shortlist a few of them. Afterwards, browse the website of shortlisted colleges and decide with one that you find suitable in terms of education quality, ranking, course structure, course fee and other facilities for international students.

Then complete the application to the institution of your choice. While applying for admission, you need to submit a few documents, including proof of your previous academic qualifications, passport copy, and proof of your English language ability. Wait until your offer letter is received.

Step 2: Pay Tuition Fee

After accepting your offer from your education provider, you must pay the tuition fee as mentioned in the offer letter. This payment is made by International Wire Transfer. Once the institutions have received and processed your tuition fee payment, they will issue you with receipt. This receipt will be needed to lodge your visa application.

Step 3: Purchase of GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate)

It is mandatory for the students to purchase of a special Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a participating Nova Scotia bank for the amount of $10,200 CAD accommodating the first year living expenses. First $200 is paid as administrative charges of Nova Scotia Bank. Student gets $2000 immediately after arriving at Canada. Next $8000 is given to the students in 12 equal installments as living expenses for every month. It is a nonredeemable investment.

Step 4: Undertake Medicals

Now you will need to undertake a medical examination by one of the doctors approved by the Canadian Government. You will find a list of the approved panel by visiting:

(http://www.cic.gc.ca/pp-md/pp-list.aspx) You will be provided with a receipt for the medicals, which you will need to submit at the time of lodging you visa application. The medical report will automatically be transferred to the visa office.

Step 5: Visa Lodgment

To lodge your visa application you will need to provide the documents as per SPP Checklist:

  • Visa Application Form
  • Original valid passport as well as photocopy of the Biodata page
  • Family information form .
  • Letter of Acceptance from SPP Educational institute in Canada
  • Use of Representative Form (IMM 5476)
  • Proof of English Proficiency Test
  • Academic Documents
  • Receipt of Payment of Tuition fee
  • Evidence of GIC purchase
  • Student Questionnare
  • Medical, etc.

Step 6: Visa Outcome

You will get to know about the outcome of your application for student visa for Canada once you receive your passport.

Canada study visa consultants in Punjab

About Canada

Canada is beautiful and is the largest country after the US, Uk, and Russia. It occupies a large area of North America. Canada is a multi-lingual country where people speak English and French.

Canada is a less populated country but a wealthy country. It is known to be a popular destination for visitors. Canada has diverse parts like Quebec, Montreal, and Vancouver but Ottawa is also a very famous city in Canada. Many people have immigrated to Canada.

Most of the people who are staying in Canada are from France and are also British origin.

So why to study in Canada?

  • Known for an excellent education.

Canada is known for its best quality education, affordable coaching fees which are recognized all over the world. Canada as a brilliant quality of life will get jobs faster after completing the studies from there universities and is known for the best immigration services. The students who have taken the degree from Canada university will get jobs at a faster pace because the degree from the university is well recognized all over the world.

  • Canada welcomes you with open arms

Canada is accepted worldwide for an open and friendly nature. When the students or other people are interested to come to Canada, then they will find their unique and diverse culture. From small to large cities, Canada is considered a secure country in the world. It is considered the 5 positions for the secure country.

  • Plenty of research opportunities.

The other unique point in Canada is that they focus on the study. If the students are interested to go for research then they can research various subjects.

  • You can earn while working

The students can work 20 hours a week and go fulltime in winter and summer vacations. Apart from this during their internship in any company, they do not require any work permit instead of this through study permit they can go for the jobs

  • Chance for immigration

After completing the graduation the students can stay in Canada for three years after they have completed their graduation. They can gain some knowledge for work experience in Canada and thereafter they can apply for permanent residency.

College and universities in Canada

  • Seneca college
  • George brown college
  • Cambrian college
  • Red river college
  • Mohawk college
  • Dalhousie university
  • Conestoga college

Canada study visa consultants in Chandigarh provides the most reliable and authorized foreign education services. Based on our experience and professional team we make the whole process very easy and simple and hassle-free so that each student can go for international education in Canada. We provide the service for the study visa that is an important document when a student wants to go for an international country for studies. Most of the country accept student visa to enrol in their university, but offer letter or acceptance letter is also an important document from the university in which the student is interested to study.

How to get the study permit?

Before entering Canada you should have a letter of acceptance from the university in which the student is interested and other important documents that will be examined by the immigration officer at the airport.

Study visa requires certain criteria which have to be fulfilled:

  • You should have an offer letter from the university in which you want to go to study.
  • You need to prove that you should have sufficient funds so that you can pay the coaching fees and living expenses.
  • You should not have any illegal background.
  • You have to go for your medical check-up and produce the medical certificate that will prove that you are in good health condition.

Canada study visa consultants are a one-stop solution for all your immigration, study, and coaching needs as Indoz Overseas is one of the best Student study visa consultants in Punjab. We provide the information for the higher studies in International universities in countries like Australia, Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Finland. We provide the best services for overseas education consulting services which are effective and budget efficient. Our expert consultant offers a perfect and complete abroad education service. We are affiliated with many international universities within a short period span in countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

We offer various services like studentship guidance, online application, and various immigration services.

Now Canada has declared various study and work visa changes in the year 2020:

In this Coronavirus pandemic, the student can go online learning for completing their graduation. After completing their graduation they can come for work as well as the post-graduation studies.

In Canada every year 360,000 students come to Canada. If you are interested to come for study at the University of Canada then you should have study permits eligible for their university. But, in some cases study permit is not required so what are the following cases:

If the students want to do only a diploma or course which is less than 6 months in this case student to study permit is not required.

  • If you are the family member or team of the overseas representative of Canada.
  • If you are the associate of the overseas defence force.

student visa for Canada can be applied either online or offline which can be obtained from Indoz Overseas website. Offline applications will take time so you can apply through online mode.

If you want to apply online your payment will be deducted through online methods and you have to provide the documents which are needed for the university in Canada in an office in India. Our Canada study visa consultants experts at Indoz Overseas will assist provide you with all the instructions for the document which are needed for the Canada university. Besides this, there are a few other steps that are needed to go to Canada.

First, you have to obtain the acceptance or offer letter from the university in which you want to study.

After getting an offer letter you have to pay coaching fees to the university through online transfer, which in return will give the receipt which will be attached for Canada student visa application in our office.

You have to go for a medical exam afterwards the medical certificate will be required at the visa office.

So how student visa for Canada can be applied through our office. Our Canada study visa consultants will help you with study visa in the following steps:

  • We will provide online counselling for the best university in Canada. And the course in which students can enrol for the admission.
  • We will provide all the guidelines for the payment of the fees.
  • Proof for the English aptitude test.

At Indoz Overseas we will provide all the help for pre-departure guidance, forging exchange, air ticket, etc. which will be needed for travelling to Canada.

Here is how Indoz Overseas helps you:

  • We provide you a FREE Counseling session (Telephonic/In-person) to help you choose a right education provider and relevant course to study in Canada.
  • We help you apply to the chosen college and we take the responsibility of doing all the hard work of tracking the applications by staying in touch with the institution, on your behalf.
  • We help you go through your fee payment and purchase of GIC.
  • Just like your admission application, Western Overseas helps you lodge your visa file. We will keep you updated on the progress of your application
  • We will notify you as soon as we get to know the outcome of your application for your Canada Student Visa and you can then collect your passport.
  • Proof of English Proficiency Test
  • Indoz Overseas is one of the best study visa consultants in Punjab for Canada, we can help you organize your travel arrangements to begin your new student life in Canada. Air ticketing, insurance and foreign exchange can all be arranged through us to make studying overseas easier and a once-in-a-life experience!

Remember, all our Canada study visa consultants services are free of charge!

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