As an Indian national, you may be authorized to work in Canada. Did you know that you can apply for a spousal open work permit for your spouse to enable them to enter and work in Canada? Well, this can be made possible by the Spousal Open Work Permit Program which has family reunification as one of its major goals.

In this immigration program, your spouse can apply for and obtain an open work permit which enables them to work with any Canadian employer once they enter Canada. The spousal work permit also promotes cultural engagement for your spouse with the local society and allows them to obtain gainful employment.

Do you have dependent children?

Under this immigration program, your dependent children are eligible to continue their education in Canada’s learning institutions ranging from preschool, elementary, middle, or higher secondary schools.

If you are considering applying for a spousal work permit, it is advisable to submit it along with the principal applicant’s application.

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Eligibility Criteria for a Spousal Open Work Permit

You can apply for a spousal open work permit if your spouse is an Indian national studying or working temporarily in Canada. The selection criteria for the spouse in India are many including:

  • Should be the spouse of a skilled Indian worker approved to work in Canada for more than six months in National Occupational Classification (NOC) Code of 0, A, or B
  • Be the spouse of an Indian student studying at a post-secondary public school
  • Copy of your spouse’s open work permit to be attached
  • Letter from your spouse’s current employer confirming their employment in the specified NOC codes or a copy of their employment letter
  • Copy of last few months’ payslips of your spouse

It is to be noted that once successfully approved, your permit will be valid only as long as your spouse’s permit is valid.

General eligibility requirements of a work permit need to be met as well. The additional requirements include:

  • Demonstrate that once your work permit expires, you will exit Canada
  • Possess and show proof of sufficient financial resources to maintain yourself while in Canada
  • Adhere to Canadian laws and provide a police clearance certificate
  • Never endanger the security of Canada and its people
  • Possess good health and provide a clear medical examination report
  • Never seek employment with an ‘ineligible employer’ who fails to comply with the conditions
  • Never seek employment with a Canadian employer offering striptease, escort services, and massages
  • Provide a copy of any document as asked by the immigration department

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When should you apply?

Your spouse/partner can apply for a work permit before or after they arrive in Canada. The work permit will usually be issued for the same length of time as your study permit. Your spouse/partner does not need a job offer to apply for a work permit.

In some cases, Canadian visa offices abroad will process spouse/partner work permit applications at the same time as study permit applications. In this case, you will need to include the additional fee for the work permit and complete the work permit application for your spouse/partner, available from the website of the consulate.

Most spouse/partners come to Canada as visitors first and apply for a work permit after they are in Canada. If your spouse or partner does not require a TRV, they may be able to apply for a work permit at the border or airport where they enter Canada.



Step 1: Log into my IRCC through GCKey or Sign-in partner

Step 2: Click on ‘Apply for visitor visa or study/work permit’

Step 3: Fill in the online application form and gather supporting documentation

Step 4: Pay the application fee


Work Permit Conditions

Work permits issued by IRCC may be subject to restrictions. International students who were not required to undergo an immigration medical examination before coming to Canada may be subject to the following occupation/workplace restrictions that require an immigration medical examination:

  • health care setting
  • child care
  • primary and secondary educational facilities

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