CSQ & CAQ for Quebec

CSQ & CAQ for Quebec

FAQ’s about CSQ and CAQ – Quebec – Canada

FAQ’s about CSQ and CAQ – Quebec – Canada
  1. Difference between selection and admission process of skilled workers in Quebec

Applicaions for Quebec Immigration are two be approved through two processes.

  • Selection – Selection is primarily done be the province on the basis of Candidate meeting the criteria for Quebec Immigration which includes which Education, Language Ability, Work Experience, Ties with Quebec, Intention to reside in Quebec
  • Admission – This step is to be completed by the Federal Government. Once the CSQ is issued to any Candidate by Quebec Provincial designation then Candidate applies for Permanent residency where federal government just check the Candidates Admissibility requirements. Their Inadmissibility under any of the following sections gives the right to officer for the refusal of the application. Inadmissibility sections 34-42 of IRPA sets out the terms under which foreign nationals and permanent residents may be found inadmissible to Canada.
    • A34 Security
    • A35 Human Rights violations
    • A36 Criminality
    • A37 Organized crime
    • A38 Health
    • A39 Financial reasons
    • A40 Misrepresentation
    • A41 Non-compliance
    • A42 Accompanying family member


  • Steps of obtaining a CSQ

Applicant needs to apply for CSQ through MIDI  Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (MIDI) or Ministry of Immigration, Frenchisation and Integration (MIFI), the changed name. To be eligible to apply for CSQ a single applicant has to score atleast 50 points and married applicant with spouse needs to score minimum 59 points as per their attributes. Their profile can be evaluated on the basis of below factors:

  • Education
  • Training
  • Work experience
  • Age
  • Language proficiency
  • Time spent in Quebec and family in Quebec
  • Valid job offer (bonus points, not required)
  • Spouse Characteristics
  • Other Factors
  • Financial Self Sufficiency



  • When and where to submit the application for a CSQ

Applicants can submit their application as soon as they think they are eligible as per the points criteria. The Application has to be submit to MIDI through the Arrima Portal of Quebec Immigration.


  • Whether foreign students can modify their already submitted application for a CSQ to add a new diploma obtained after submission of the application; and what are the conditions of a CSQ that they have to meet.

Yes, Foreign Students can modify and update their application before the outcome of their CSQ Application by logging into their account and clicking the update my application button. To be eligible to apply for CSQ they must meet below conditions.

  • Intend to settle in Québec to hold a job
  • Have stayed temporarily in Québec for the primary purpose of studying and have respected the conditions of your stay
  • Have stayed in Québec for at least half the duration of your study program
  • Hold an eligible Québec diploma
  • Demonstrate advanced intermediate knowledge of oral French
  • Undertake to provide for your basic needs and, where applicable, those of your spouse or de facto spouse and dependent children included in your application for permanent selection, for a minimum period of three months
  • Be at least 18 years old, hold a valid passport and, if you are applying from Québec, be legally in Québec at the time of application
  • Obtain, by the prescribed deadline, an attestation of learning about democratic values and the Québec values. The members of your family accompanying you (your spouse of 16 years of age or older and your dependent children of 18 years of age or older) must also obtain the attestation.



  • Immigration rules (governing the intake) and processing of applications for a CSQ pertaining to applications submitted by economic immigration candidates (permanent workers, investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed workers).

To be eligible to apply for Immigration in Quebec, One must have Acquired good education and Professional Skills that can help them integrate themselves into Skilled work force in Quebec. There will be other factors to be considered like Language, Spouse, accompanying children as well which can affect their application for Immigration, However it is not mandatory that one can gain the Job in the same field in which they have been selected for CSQ.

Applicant’s application is always reviewed with the current rules.

  • Files can be selected on the basis of Paper work provided by the applicant. If applicant has met the passing marks for CSQ.
  • Sometimes applicants receive Intent to refuse notice from the officer if Officers is not satisfied with the provided documents where they are given 90 days to provide the requested documents.
  • Interview Schedule- Officer can even call the Applicant for the Interview

Results of CSQ file

  • Approval
  • Refusal- Applicant gets a chance to submit request of Administrative review
  • Intent to refuse.



  • Your task is to describe the process of obtaining a Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ), who must obtain it and why?

Any foreign students wishing to study in Quebec for more than 6 months must obtain CAQ from Quebec Provincial authority then apply for study permit with Federal government. CAQ is a legal document required for studies inside Quebec. If some student have the study permit already they would still need a CAQ if they plan to study further in Quebec.

To obtain CAQ student must

  • First get admission in any Institution in Quebec and get LOA
  • With that LOA they can start their application for CAQ online by going to the below link.
  • Once they have filled up the application online and paid the fees for CAQ which is $116 they need to print the checklist and documents and courier that to CAQ authority for Approval.
  • CAQ approvals average processing time is 4 weeks.
  • Once CAQ is approved then applicant can go ahead and apply for Study permit Application.




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