Migrate to New Zealand

Permanent Residency on the basis of your Skills.

Immigration to New Zealand..

Formerly known as the General Skills Category, this is a points based system to get Immigration to New Zealand and is the most popular category for applicants seeking New Zealand permanent residency visa.

Are you under 56 years of age ?
Are you, (and if applicable – your partner, and your children) all healthy ?
Are you, (and if applicable – your partner, and your children) free of major criminal convictions and not a security risk ?
Can you competently speak, write and understand English ?
Have you been offered a job in New Zealand ?
Do you have a tertiary or trade qualification ?
Do you have at least two years work experience ?

If you can answer YES to the first four questions above and YES to at least one of the last two questions and you would like to live in New Zealand then you should consider the Skilled Migrant Category and submitting an Expression of Interest .

Partner/Spouse Visa

The New Zealand unmarried partner, fiancé and marriage visa is designed to help applicants move to New Zealand to join their spouse, fiancé or unmarried partner (same sex relationships included). This visa is also referred to as a partnership visa. A partner of a principal New Zealand unmarried partner, fiancé or marriage visa applicant is someone who has been legally married to the applicant, or in a close living relationship that is similar to marriage, for 12 months or more.

It may be a relationship between people of the opposite or the same sex. The applicants must have been living together for a minimum of 12 months in a genuine and stable relationship, whether married or not.

The minimum requirements for recognition of a partnership are that the applicants:

  • Are both 18 years of age or older (or have parental/guardian/other consent if between 16 and 18 years of age).
  • Have met each other prior to submitting an application.
  • Are not close relatives.?

Additional Information

It may be possible to lodge an application for a partnership visa if the applicants have been living together for less than 12 months but can show they are in a genuine and stable relationship. In addition to the minimum requirements outlined above, basic standards of health and character have to be met in order to lodge a successful New Zealand unmarried partner, fiancé and marriage visa application.


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