Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)What is a TRV

A TRV is an immigration document issued by the Canadian government. It is in the form of a small sticker (counterfoil) placed on a page in your passport. It is sometimes referred to as an entry visa or a visitor visa.

The document gives you the ability to travel to a Canadian port of entry and to be examined for entry to Canada. Having a visa does not guarantee the right to enter, as a Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) officer retains the ability to refuse entry to people who are inadmissible.

If you are a study permit holder, your TRV will say “student” visa in your passport

Types of Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

There are two types of Temporary Resident Visas (TRVs) you could get:

  1. A single-entry visa: allows you to enter Canada only once during its validity. When you leave Canada, excluding travel to the United States and St. Pierre and Miquelon, you will need to obtain a new TRV to return to Canada.
  2. A multiple-entry visa: allows you to re-enter Canada repeatedly during its validity. You must arrive to Canada on or before the expiry of your TRV.

Who needs a TRV

Not everyone needs a TRV to enter Canada. This visa requirement depends on your Country of citizenship.

Exception: If you have a valid study permit and leave Canada to visit only the United States, St. Pierre and Miquelon, you do not need a valid Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to re-enter Canada, provided that you re-enter Canada before the expiry of your study permit. Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulation, Section 190-3f.

Keeping your TRV valid

All TRVs have an expiry date and cannot be used after they expire. Normally, TRVs are valid for the same length of time as your study permit. Although a TRV is only required for entry, and re-entry, into Canada, it is highly advisable to keep your TRV valid at all times in case you need to travel abroad urgently.

If your passport with a TRV is lost or stolen

If your passport with a valid Temporary Resident Visa has been lost or stolen, you must get a new passport first and then apply for a new Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). Please make sure to provide a letter of explanation in your application about why you are applying for a new TRV.

You should not leave Canada until you get your new documents.


If you are currently outside of Canada
You must apply at the nearest VIsa Application Center (VAC) . Every VAC will have specific application and processing requirements.

If you are currently in Canada and have a valid study permit
You must apply either Online or by paper through the Case Processing Center in Ottawa.

The application fee is $100.00 CAD.

When to apply

You should apply for your TRV 1 to 4 months before your planned travel or immediately after you have extended your study permit. If you do not have enough time to apply for a new TRV before leaving Canada, and require re-entry, you may apply for a new TRV outside Canada at your nearest Visa Application Center (VAC). Processing time varies. You can check approximate processing times online. Note, in the hyperlinked drop-down menu, please select visitor visa (from inside Canada) for approximate processing times for applications being made within Canada.  Select visitor visa (from outside Canada) for approximate processing times for applications being made outside of Canada.

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