Know all about Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Canada.


I see many posts asking what are the chances and mentioning their CRS Score. It is getting a bit tiring answering the same thing over and over.

PNP’s Canada

When a persons CRS is low, people say “apply for PNP” you’ll get an invite. It’s not a cake walk. PNPs take time! First you get an NOI and once that nomination gets done, you fall into the regular pool of applicants and get into EE again. Mostly takes one year or more depending on the province.

Here are some simple explanations for PNP. More info, check the requirements on the PNP website

Saskatchewan (SINP) – Currently the most possible one to apply if you do not have job offer or connection to the province.
It’s still open. Apply directly on the website for your Expression of interest submission. Your NOC must be in their Occupation in Demand.
draws havent dropped below 69 since November 2019

Alberta – You do not need to apply directly. The province sends you a notification of interest to your EE profile. They pick directly from EE pool, preference is given to those having a close connection to the province. But at times even regular applicants get an NOI.
currently not inviting those outside canada

BC – Job Offer is mandatory to get an NOI. Those who graduated from schools in BC can apply here without an offer under PNP.

Nova Scotia – Depending on the category.
Category A remains open but you need job offer and express entry profile to apply.

Category B – You do not need job offer or connection to the province, can be applied via express entry profile and your NOC must be in demand. When this will be open is totally unpredictable , stay tuned on the NSNP website.
***Last opened in November 2018 for about 2 hours only.

New Brunswick – Hide and seek PNP. opens and closes for receiving applications throughout the year. Generally, if you know French or have job offer or connection to the province, just be ready to submit your EOI profile all the time. They also have an option to submit without job offer or connection but you should have attended their information session that they organize throughout the year in several parts of the world. This stream opens 1 or 2 times a year.

PEI-You need Express Entry profile. Just submit EOI from their website. Either job offer is needed at times if it’s the category-you wish to apply under. Regular PNP, the NOI goes to people already living on the provinces

Ontario – Apply Via EE. No need of job offer or connection to the province. If lucky, they notify you in your EE profile if you seem to be fit for their province. The common CRS selected this year were from 460 and above.

Manitoba – It’s tricky. There is no point in applying unless you have any relative or friend or a job offer in Manitoba.

Newfoundland – By default, not everyone’s choice. But you need EE profile and job offer.

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