CANADA TOURIST VISA :  Visitor Visa / Super Visa

Millions of visitors visa Consultants in Punjab and tourists flock to Canada every year to visit friends and family or to just experience Canada’s natural beauty. Indoz Overseas can help you too with our quick Canada Visit Visa services. The Canada visit visa is granted for a period of six months and are either single entry or multiple entry visas. While you cannot work on the visit visa, you are free to travel across Canada for tourism and leisure.



The Canada Visitor Visa is a straightforward visa application giving you the ability to visit Canada for a period of up to 6 months. Key points to note about this visa are:

  • It can only be used for leisure or tourism purposes
  • You cannot use this visa to work or to apply for work
  • You can take your dependents and children along
  • Typically, the visit visa is issued in 27 days after submission


The Canada Visitor Visa process requires you to meet the following criteria:

  • A valid passport with an expiry date that is after six months or more.
  • Documents that prove you have enough ties to your home country.
  • Financial statements that prove you have enough funds to support your stay in Canada
  • A letter of invitation from your relatives if you are planning to stay with them
  • Medical clearance certificate if you need to undergo a medical exam before your trip

The Canada Visitor Visa process requires you to meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must prove that they possess sufficient funds to support themselves and their family for the entire period of their visit
  • Applicants must not intend to seek or undertake a job
  • Applicants should have no criminal record and intend to strictly comply with the laws of the country
  • Applicants who might stay either with their relatives or friends should also provide invitation letters from their sponsor
  • Applicants from certain countries may need a temporary resident visa
  • You may need to meet certain more entry requirements based on your profile


With our extensive experience in Canadian immigration, Indoz Overseas can help you make the strongest case for your visit visa. Our teams will help you with:

  • Identifying the best strategy to get your visa
  • Advising you on how to present your case so the chance of a personal interview is minimized
  • Advising you on finances to be shown
  • Advising you on documents to be presented
  • Filling of forms
  • Review of all your documentation

Make sure your application has the highest chance of success by talking to our Canadian visa specialists.

Visitor FAQ’s

The Canada Visitor Visa application requires submitting NOC from the Government that they do not object for your overseas visit. This must be attached as a document along with your Visa application.

Is NOC required for Canada Visitor Visa?

What documents are required for Canada Tourist Visa?

The basic documents that must be kept ready by the applicant prior to applying for Canada Tourist Visa from India are:

  • The original and real passport of the applicant with a minimum 2 blank Visa pages
  • 2 latest and recognizable photographs of passport size with no borders having a white background. The photos must have a semi-matte or matte finish and significant face cover the date of birth and name of the applicant must be specified on the back side of the photograph. It should have not been used for Visas earlier and must be clicked within the last 90 days.
  • Employment proof from the current employer. It can be a NOC – No Objection Certificate, or an appointment letter or a Salary slip. These documents must clearly specify all the details of the applicant relevant to the current job.
  • A bank statement that has details of all transactions held by the applicant for a minimum last 6 months. It must be inclusive of all transactions such as occupational viability, fixed deposits, property purchases, and foreign slips.
  • A Cover letter on the company letterhead for the Visa application

How much does a Visitor Visa to Canada cost?

Below are the fees for Canada Visitor Visa Consultants:

  • Visitor Visa – Multiple or Single Entry (includes extensions): CAD 100
  • Visitor Visa – Maximum fee for the family: CAD 500
  • Visitor record including extensions: CAD 75

How can I apply for Canada Tourist Visa from India?

The application form:

Here are some guidelines that will help Canada Tourist Visa applicants from India:

You must first download the Canada Tourist Visa application form from the website of the Canadian Government. You must download the checklist of documents as well that must be submitted along with the application. The application form must be filled online. You must then click validate and take out its print out.

Booking of the accommodation and flight:

Sometimes, you will also have to offer copies of your accommodation and flight bookings. This is basically to offer evidence of funds.

Submission of Covering Letter along with the documents:

You will have to submit all the required documents along with the application form. This must include a Covering Letter that states the purpose of your visit. You must also offer evidence of funds to demonstrate that you have adequate money to support yourself during your visit to Canada.

Collecting the Visa and Passport:

It usually takes around 10 to 14 working days to obtain the Canada Tourist Visa. You will have to collect your Visa and Passport from the Visa Office.


How long is Canada Visitor Visa valid?

The validity of a Single Entry Canada Visitor Visa is a maximum of 6 months. This Visa allows you to travel to Canada only once.

You can travel to Canada for 6 months at a time for any number of times with a Multiple Entry Visa during its validity. It will be valid for a maximum of 10 years or 1 month prior to the expiry of Passport, whichever is shorter. You must arrive in Canada on or prior to the Visa expiry date.

How do I know if I need a visitor visa before I travel to Canada?

The following factors will determine if you need a visitor visa or ETA:

  • Travel documents you plan to travel with
  • Country which issued your travel document
  • Your nationality
  • How you plan to travel to Canada for this trip

What is the difference between a single and a multiple entry visa?

A single-entry visa allows you to enter Canada for only one time while a multiple entry visa allows you to enter the country for a multiple number of times.

Generally, all visa applicants are considered for a multiple entry visa and a visa is issued after completing the review process.

With a multiple entry visa, you can travel to Canada for a six-month period every time and as many times as you want. The multiple entry visa is valid for 10 months or one month before your passport expires whichever happens earlier.

With a single-entry visa you can travel to Canada only once. You are eligible for a single entry visa if you are on an official visit or you intend to participate in an event in Canada.

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